BakhishovFX – Signals Review

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BakhishovFX: Signals Review

BakhishovFX BakhishovFX is a Forex signals service running by MR. Latif. located in Baku, Azerbaijan. They claim to have an expert team in the financial market that came together in 2014. The most inexperienced member has 4 years of experience in this field, and the most experienced analyst has 11 years of experience.

BakhishovFX provides 100% verified results and 11 years of verified statements, they claim to have a 75% win rate.

They provide swing trading signals and minimum 2, and maximum 6 signals per day, depending on market volatility and risk limitation. Usually, a signal contains 1 TP and 1 SL.

In the Telegram Channel, they have 5.5k subscribers. Facebook page has 6600 fans and their private Facebook group has 7k members.

The Telegram channel was created on 3 April 2016, it’s been a long time since they are providing signals service. and the website was registered recently 7th May 20′, only 4 months ago.

In this review, we will let you know whether it’s worth paying money to be an of BakhishovFX.

Best Forex Signal

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BakhishovFX Review*

Posting so many screens recorded videos and they don’t have to do this hard work if they provide that particular account’s verified statements. We are talking about real accounts.

posting screen recorded videos and screenshots

Faired to show us any Real-Account’s verified results.

But currently, BakhishovFX provides very few free signals so they customers can’t test their free signals. forching to pay first to have access to their VIP subscription.

Often stop-loss size is bigger than take profits target, that means even if you won more trades your profit will be much slower.

They close so many trades manually based on market condition, especially during the important news release, or when the volatility is down the client is immediately informed on manual order closure.

They recommend $600 for starting and the minimum requirement is $300. But we would say, for safe trading you should have more balance, at least $1500 for safe trading with 0.01 lot, because trading has so many ups and downs. As we can see their demo account’s statements, sometimes their equity was decreased massively. So be aware of that kind of situation and always use a stop loss.

Results Verification

From their myfxbook records we can see that the account was created on June 6, 2017, and today, 21th September  2020, they turned a $50,000 DEMO account into a huge 70 Million dollars account. That is an astonishing 140K% profit.🏆 This was an incredible journey.

March 29, 2019, their account and equity growth dropped from 117k% to 86k% percent because huge loss trade, but they did not close the loss trade they wait to recover and close the when it’s recovered. The trade wasn’t closed because they have huge equity on that demo account to keep running those loss trades. but what if this situation occurs in a real account with small equity? In this situation, an account could be blown away. Because they are trading without stop loss. If a normal customer has a small account and trades without stop loss, it’s won’t take long to blow the account. because an ordinary signal service users have very small equity.

The profitability rate was 79% but their average loss size is bigger than the average win size, average win size is 40 pips, and where the average loss size is 68 pips. so the average loss size is 1.6X times bigger than the average wins.


  • Type: Trading Signals
  • Signals Frequency: 3-10/day
  • Price: $59/month
  • Monthly Target: 1500 pips
  • Signal Accuracy: 75%

Signals Pricing

This vendor offers three different packages in order to access their premium service, they charging $59 per month and for 3 months $119 and, 6 months for %$199.

There are good signals providers like Day Finance LTD, FX Price signalsPipster FX is providing great signal service with 100% verified results🏆. Don’t forget to check out them🏆


At least they are providing verified results and continuously posting trading results updates, you can consider giving them a try.

Although DEMO and REAL account works in the same way but managing that huge amount in a real account is totally a different game. Hope you got it.

it’s true that these guys are really doing an awesome job, but they should be more transparent. like we said sharing real account verified results.

And provide free signals so that customers can test their signals first before paying for the service.

You can improve your trading skills by looking at its market analysis if you want, a signal provider will always want to benefit from its subscribers, so don’t look at everything, don’t believe everything the signal provider says. Check everything yourself first and then decide on trading. If you want, you can improve your trading skills by looking at its market analysis, a signal provider will always want to benefit from its subscribers, so without looking at everything, Don’t trust everything the signal provider promises or claims. At first check everything by yourself then decides to trade.

One copy of this signal provider must be careful before using the service and must use stop loss to use their signal service. Follow the Money Management Rules at all times.

This is not financial advice, do your own research before joining them.

Thanks for reading the “BakhishovFX” review. Let’s see what the community has to say in the comment section.

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BakhishovFX – Signals Review
BakhishovFX – Signals Review
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