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Astralfxsignals: Signals Review

Astralfxsignals Homepage

Astralfxsignals is a Forex signals provider running by Mr. Meezy. He provides both free and paid Forex signals service. Climbing to have only 2 years of forex market experience, only 2 years of experience is often considered as little experience in forex space.

AstralfxsignalsAs he claiming, he believes in quality over quantity, fewer signals but profitable.

As long as we can see, yes he giving fewer signals than most other signals provider, but his signals often contain 5-7 take-profits targets so that the trade number is twitch. Sometimes signals come with even 10 take profit targets.

Although he delivers relatively few signals each week, each of its signals has a lot of tech profit targets, so a lot of trades are performed.

We also agree that fewer signals with more accuracy are better than more signals with less accuracy.

The website was registered 11 March 2019, Telegram public channel was created on 1st October 2018.

In today’s review, we will discuss every aspect of Astralfxsignals, and let you know whether you should buy the service or not.

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*Astralfxsignals Review*

Result verification

He does not share any third party verified results. So he can hide his losses, persuade people to sell his signal service to them. He publishes weekly and monthly results reports on his Telegram public channel.

Hiding Losses


Although his signals come with so many take profits targets, he calculates stop loss only once and all the take profits in weekly or monthly results reports.

But in reality when you place 6 different trades to use all 6 take profit, and when the stop loss hits, all trades hit stop losses. So naturally, your loss would be 6 times more. So to calculate the proper P/L you can multiply the stop-loss with the number of take-profits that particular trade contains or the number of trade you performed.

For example, if you traded a signal with 6 different trades to take 6 take profits if your stop-loss is 40 pips, then your total loss will be 40 * 6 = 240 pips. But when he publishes the result, he calculates a loss of only 40 pips, not a full 240 pips loss.

Through this trick, he hides his losses (most signal providers use this trick). And by showing more positive pips attract more customers.

Minimum deposit, is it possible to make money with his minimum deposit recommendation?

He recommends having a minimum amount of 100 – $ 300. And trade 0.01 lot size for every $ 100.

But the real question is if someone has only $ 100-$300 in the balance and paid $50 for the monthly subscription fee, then how much profit someone can make excluding his signal fee?

We can see that this signal provider can catch around 1000/month. (After hiding losses)

We believe that the reason he recommends such a low balance requirement is to target new traders. Because those who are new to the Forex market has a low balance.

But to be honest, if one spends a large percentage of your total balance just to cover the signal service free. Then how you will make a profit out of signals services?

In simple words, you will lose it entirely.

Astralfxsignals: Tradingview profile


tradingview profile

He is not very active in his tradingview profile, he has done a total of 18 market analyzes in the last three years. Not every time he shares his market analysis behind the signals on his Telegram public channel.

Check his tradingview profile: Tradingview

Astralfxsignals:Signals Pricing


Astralfxsignals: Conclusion

This vendor has so much lack of transparency.

If you like his service, you can test his free signals in your demo account for at least a month, before purchasing his service.

However, Astralfxsignals Signals would have avoided this situation very easily, if they provided their myfxbook profile for our verification.

Thanks for reading the “Astralfxsignals” review. Let’s see what the community has to say in the comment section.

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Astralfxsignals – Signals Review
Astralfxsignals – Signals Review


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