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CerberusFX Copy Trading:

CerberusFX Copy Trading

Telegram Channel

CerberusFX Copy Trading is a forex signal provider. They claim to have an experienced team with 7 years of experience in the financial market. CerberusFX copy trading service is a very simple process, they provide a copy trading software to their customers, that is able to copy and place all the trades the same as their mt4 master account. They promise to take a low risk with high profits every day. This vendor claims to have an 85-90% win rate, a figure that we are seeking to verify if its worth traders risking valuable time and money.

In this review, we will give a total overview of CerberusFX Copy Trading and letting you know if this service is meeting client expectations.

Ultimately we will help you to make a decision either you should buy this service or not.

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Signals Review: CerberusFX Copy TradingšŸ”„

First of all CerberusFX Copy TradingšŸ”„Ā doesn’t have any website. They have a Telegram channel where they promoting and selling this auto trading service.

Unverified results: They don’t provide any verified results about their EA. No third party verified results. Instead CerberusFX Copy Trading post profit screenshots and videos. Without any verification screenshots and videos just don’t count.

Experience: While CerberusFX talking about 7 years of experience team in the financial market, but they didn’t introduce any of their team member to us. Traders are deserved to know who is behind the service and what are their experiences.

Price: This vendor charges $250 for a single account. While it doesn’t provide any verified result, we think this trading service doesn’t deserve any values. And they always say “only a certain amount of seats are available for low price” but this offer never ends! It’s more like a scam.

Accuracy: The CerberusFX Copy Trading claiming to have an 80-90% win rate, which considers a very high win rate. And 100% profit per month, Until they provide us any verified results we can’t trust them blindly. We assume this just for advertising purposes. Therefore we’ll highly recommend you try their signal in your demo account before using signals from any unverified providers. So it would be a risk-free process.

Target: Their target is 100% profit per month. No one will expect this high result from any unverified service. At Telegram channel, they are showing Screenshots and videos which just donā€™t count.

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We highly recommend you to follow those services who has verified results and great reputation.

MyFxBook: CerberusFX Copy TradingšŸ”„

CerberusFX Copy Trading


Instead of giving a link to their MyFxBook, they post screenshots of it. We have doubt those are real. This vendor doesn’t provide any verified results. There is no way you can trust them. Customer needs to trust them blindly.

Pricing: CerberusFX Copy TradingšŸ”„

  • Type: Auto Trading
  • Price: $250/account
  • Target: 100% /month (Not Verified)
  • Accuracy: 80%-90% winning rate (Not Verified)

CerberusFX Copy Trading

It offers 4 different packages, to get access to this auto trading service, users need to buy any of these packages. Where the charge $250 for a single account and $600 for three accounts and a thousand dollars for 6 accounts.


CerberusFX Copy Trading


CerberusFX Copy TradingšŸ”„, Ā and 2 other services Ā Legacy EA (Auto Trading)ā™Øļø VentureFX Trial/Free Signals Ā own by the same person called Thevin, his Telegram user name is “@fxad96”

The main admin “Thevin” (@fxad96)

We don’t know if he provides furthermore like those services:)


This vendor has so many lacks in their service, in order to compete in this market they should update a lot of things also gain trader’s trust.

This CerberusFX Copy TradingĀ missing some of the most important aspects which traders deserve to know before buying their EA service.

Overall, we recommend you avoid this kind of service. itā€™s more seems like an outbreak scam.

Some of the lacks are below:

  • No website
  • They didnā€™t provide any verified results.
  • Donā€™t even have any MyFxBook record. (Just screenshot)
  • So don’t trust everything they told you.
  • No info about their corp.
  • More like scam service.

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  • Unlimited License for Demo account
  • Instruction Manual
  • 24/7 Support
  • 2000pis/month promise
  • No Website
  • No Verified Results
  • No Statements
  • No info about Corporation
  • No Proven Strategy
  • Users have to trust them Blindly
CerberusFX Copy TradingšŸ”„- Review
CerberusFX Copy TradingšŸ”„- Review


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