Forex On Fire Signals Review | Scam!

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scam!! scam!! scam!!

Forex On Fire Signals: Signal Review:

Forex On Fire Signals

Main Group (SCAM)

Forex On Fire Signals Review: is a big scam service. Do they scam people by offering unbelievable 170+ paid service at once! just for $29? considers an alluring offer for all newbie traders.

This scammer group also run more services like this one.

never fall for these scammers, they took the fees and never give the services.

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Admin: Seth Malaui (Scammer)

Forex On Fire Signals

Admin (Big Scammer)

We have a couple of report about him. He is a big scammer. Stay away from him and his services although he set different names sometimes for different services.

So be careful when you are choosing a signal service.

There are some key factors you must need to look at while choosing a signal provider.

Like: Who is behind the service? Verified results or not? myfxbook status? How long they are providing this service and their reputation and much more.

Forex On Fire, Main Group

Forex On Fire Signals

Main Group (SCAM)

There have a couple of groups and public channels, which they use to target beginner traders. Offering unbelievable packages at cheap prices. Just to attract the beginner traders.


There is nothing much to say about it.

Our advice is to stay away from these kinds of scammers and low price services, because, in reality, service price is not a fact at all. A bad signal service is enough to blow your entire trading account, no matter how big it is.

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Thanks for reading this “Forex on Fire” review.

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15 reviews for Forex On Fire Signals Review | Scam!

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  1. Hh

    They provide worst service they are scam

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  2. Sam

    This is scam. I’m in this service from a long time. In fact they try to find signal providers and steal their signals and Hard work thru this service by sharing the cost and then it’s not a huge burden to one person. This is why there are so many channels offered.

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  3. Aq

    First try to understand forex on Fire. Its an helping hand to vouch those scammer providers who steal signals of each other and sell u @ huge price. I know the fact. Forex on Fire is a safe road to success.

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  4. Sheikh sb

    Sorry, they are scammers. They are providing the worst service in reasonable fees. I have never seen scammer more then seth malaui. I know him for more then two years and I can literally can’t believe him for anything he says, because i know he will not deliver it.

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  5. Al

    Happy with his service. I was watching his service for a while then signed up for about 6 months now. No complaints.

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  6. Onuoha William

    I have a LIFETIME Membership with Forex on Fire. They Just copy all other telegram signals and stealing the signals. They Offer all telegram signals for only $29 very cheap Price, but you dont know what exactly to follow.. Doesnt working for me.

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  7. Tony

    That’s pathetic! It is a scam at all!! I recently joined his service and it’s one of the worst decisions I have made so far! For whoever follows signals and is into copying signals the number one thing to do is to not join him.

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  8. Anoni Forex

    Yes they scam. Not the clients but the people whose signals they steal. Which by the way all sucks

    He doesnt care about helping people. He just cares about finding as much providers as possible and resell them for profit.

    People always fall because they hope somehow the next will be the real deal

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  9. Shite

    I watched this group for more than a year, before buying a package. You need to understand the purpose. You are new to forex, you want to find a trustworthy signal provider. You see all kinds of advertised signal provider in telegram, and each group will cost maybe $ 50 a month. So, this group buy it and sell it to you for like $ 10. If you don’t like the signal provider, you already saved $ 40 from making a bad choice.

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    • Admin

      Real providers always should get the value, they deserve it. They do all the hard work!
      Scammers just copy them and sell them illegally without any authorization from the real owner. Simply its a crime.
      And scammers are not worthy of any value.

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  10. Luisds

    That’s not true, first if you want a channels just need to know wich one cause they offer lot of them and if you insert all of them of course you will loose cause he just resell them and they are serious. I think someone is trying to destroy them so I recommend try it yourself. For me is working perfect

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  11. Al

    Nothing is wrong with this service !!!! Well somebody better do research more I’ve been member for 6 months and his service is great not scam !!!

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  12. Dee boat

    Forex on fire is not scam. I have been with them for over 2 years and what we do is to monitor these so called signal providers. Identify the profitable ones and follow their signals. Seth always say if you identify a provider and you think he is honest enough you can go and buy his real premium..

    If not for this group i wouldn’t have known traders who use multiple TP are really scamming us with their results.
    Some delete their losing trades but since we have the system we are able to fish these scam providers out and do away with them.

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  13. David


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  14. A scott

    Service trying to help people find decent signal providers.
    100% NOT A SCAM

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  15. herbert

    i was member maybe 8 months…..owner of site buying providers for member money (group buy) and then other people which are not in group buy pay him for providers which he buy for free….they dont have any long term statistic of any provider so you will not get any good long term profitable signal provider…its waste of money….and owner have nice monthly income…..purpose of this group was good because 99% of forex providers are scam but now is pure income for owner not you as member….again most important information they do not have any long term testing of provider so if you look for profitable provider you will not get this info…they can say this week this one had good profit but last month he was in big red numbers….so you are in one circle pay for new providers and test them then again buy new again new and income have only owner of FOF

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    Forex On Fire Signals Review | Scam!
    Forex On Fire Signals Review | Scam!


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