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Ronin forex group: Signals Review

Ronin forex group review: is running by Mr. Clay, he created “Ronin Forex Group” in 9th MAY 2017 by creating a telegram channel for trade setup analysis and signal services, he is a full-time professional forex trader who provides market analysis, signal service, and forex training courses for beginner and advanced traders.Ronin forex group review

He has been very active for his Forex Academy, Telegram channels, and uploads 2 to 5 videos per week in his YouTube channel, usually he posts market analysis, trading advice, and various topics videos, that can be very helpful for a Forex trader.

  • In Telegram Channel, he provides 1 free-signal every day, signals contain 1 stop-loss and 3 take-profits signal. And share their market analysis with each of their trading signals.
  • Daily market updates.
  • 30 to 60-second short video message for small market updates.
  • Upload videos to YouTube channel every day for detailed analysis and its link on its free channel.

However, in this review, we will let you know whether it’s worth paying money to be a part of his forex academy and some advantages and disadvantages of Clay’s service.

Ronin forex group review

Best Forex Signal

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YouTube Channel

Having said that, he has built a very good trading community on YouTube. Currently, he has over 5000 subscribers and already uploaded more than 300 videos on his YouTube channelRonin Forex“. Most of his videos are about Market Live Analysis, Trading Advice, Market Updates, Trading Motivation, and a step-by-step guide for beginners traders.

If someone watches all his videos on YouTube, he will know a lot of good information about Forex.

After watching his free videos, if you think that you are ready to step up your game then you can purchase his premium training course.

Visit his YouTube channel, Click here

$500 Deposit and signals for free

They are offering free signals who will open an account with their recommended broker through their link, and deposit a minimum of $500 or the equivalent of euros or more, in this case, they will have access to their premium signal service and VIP chat.

One such service we’ve reviewed on our website before, they are providing the same service with verified results and required only a $300 minimum deposit. This signal provider also offers a copy trading service. All the trade is executed automatically without any user interfere.

Check out the review here > Click here.


Ronin forex group review: VIP signals package

They are also offering premium signal service with a monthly fee of $79. which included:

  • Access to the Forex Basic course, VIP Signals Channel, and VIP Chat room
  • 3-6 Signals per day
  • Market Updates
  • Video Updates

Client feedback

You must have seen many testimonial videos on their website and free telegram channel from his students.

He asks his students for feedback who are completed his four weeks of training. He posts those video reviews on his website and public telegram channel to incentivize more traders to join his academy. You can say, this is a good marketing strategy.


Hiding losses

Ronin forex group review


Almost all signal providers have a tendency to hide losses.

The signals he provides include 1 entry point, 1 stop-loss point, and 3 take profit points.

But when he publishes monthly trading results, he counts all TPs and only 1 stop-loss. counts stop-loss only once, but when a trade hits stop-loss, the whole trade closes. This means that if you count three TPs, you have to count three-stop losses.

Counting the stop loss once increases the number of positive tips, which means that the signal provider wants to imply that they have gained more pips, which is not true in reality.

If you want, you can check the real profit by calculating it yourself. (count SL 3 times)

Ronin forex group – Review

He spends a lot of time for his community, is very active all the time, and his academy solves any member’s problem,

Providing free YouTube videos, free signals and premium signals and Forex learning course for beginner and advanced traders, and keeping update about market conditions and also about running positions, post video message every day, sharing customers feedback, all most everything a signal provider should be doing.

It is true that every forex service provider tries to earn money from their customers.

However, nothing is free in this world, and people never evaluated free things. Therefore, at least the price should be kept.


He has done almost everything that should be done as a signal provider. Such a good mentor is very important behind becoming a successful trader.

But the only problem we noticed that they are not providing any verified results from any third party statement sharing service.

So before you start trading with them, you should try their free signals in your demo account, watch his YouTube videos and if you think it will be helpful for you then you can join with him.

However, Mr. Clay would have avoided this situation very easily if they provided their myfxbook profile for our verification.

Disclaimer, we are not get paid by any service provider, please do your own research before purchasing their premium course, and don’t forget to use their free signals in your demo account for at least a month, because they are not provide any verified results.

Thanks for reading Ronin Forex Group’s review. Let’s see what the community has to say in the comment section.

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18 reviews for Ronin forex group review

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  1. Xander waifer

    Seems nice on the outside but he isnt. His old community are against him and he scammed people. He claims he is the best mentor for the price I disagree. We become good friends and then he lied and I caught on. Definitely do not recommend.

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  2. Andre

    He’s a scammer don’t ever buy anything from clay or his gang. He removed the vip community without asking anyone just unilateral action. When i asked for my refund he blocked me.

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  3. Joao

    I found Ronin through David_Gyt (a portuguese scammer who was coping Ronin’s signals and sharing as if they were his). I joined the lifetime package (at the time it was 400$) wich now I regret it. The signals are shit (he manipulates the pip count)and the course is basically a copy of the babypips site.
    Now, something a lot of recent members from Ronin might not know. More than a year ago, Ronin started a MAM account where you could invest your money in an account managed by Ronin himself. If he made profit at the end of the month he would take 30% of it and you would keep 70%. In the begining I was amazed by the results he made on the first month. But then, it got really bad… He never used a sl and was using a martingale system aproach, wich if your familiar with it you should know it is highly risky and can blow an account easily… And what happened to this account? Well, you might have guessed it, he blew the account in less than 6 months. I talked with other traders who were involved as investors in this account and they also lost all the money… I even met a guy who invested 40k and it was all gone in months. According to a friend of mine who talked with Ronin, the account had almost 1 million invested (I don´t know how much of it belonged to Ronin). After that, Ronin received a lot of critics (and probably some threats) and instead of explaining to everyone what had happened and talking about it he would just silence anyone who would reference the MAM account.
    And what amazes me more is this gang mentality this group has. There are certain things you can’t talk about it. If you would start asking questions like “what am I doing wrong? I follow all the signals but at the end I am losing money” other members of the group would jump on you, saying “you need to study more, you are doing defenitly doing something wrong”, “don’t follow the signals blindly, we are here to learn” or “maybe you are not the type of person to be trading”.
    I’m convinced Ronin isn’t profitable and now he’s charging 2k for a program with individual sessions… If he really is why wouldn’t he just show a myfxbook account or some evidence?
    I could show evidence of all of what I just said and share a lot more details of the things I saw since being in the group but this post would be even bigger.

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  4. Erika

    This guy is a complete con man. He seems friendly and easy going but everything he promotes is based on a lie. I joined his group because he was advertising other traders success. His signals were awful with terrible RR ratio (40 pip SL for 20 pip 1st TP). He kept posting about others success, which I found confusing because his trades were awful. He pitched me the accelerator program and I joined because I thought he had trained others in the group who were having a lot of success. When I got in I saw he was nothing more than a glorified cheerleader and didn’t even know the strategies that his students were using. When I questioned him on it, he told me that I wasn’t working hard enough and didn’t put in enough time and that’s why I wasn’t succeeding. I knew something didn’t smell right so I backed out and got a refund. Later I found out that the testimonials he used are from students who didn’t even learn with his methods and who have active disputes against him as well. They’ve contacted him to have it taken down and he just blocks them. He has managed accounts for people and blown them. This man is sleazy and will sell his soul for a dollar. Ironic because he always talks about Namaste and peace. Stay far away.

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  5. Steven

    This program was terrible. I started his course after I completed and institutional course. I came into his program doing very well I even had a 70% win rate for 3 consecutive months. I started his course and everything went to hell. I started losing over and over again. I should’ve realized based off of his bad signals that this course was going to be horrible. I regret ever taking his course at all it set me back months. I tried to blend his retail strategy with my institutional strategy and it was a huge mistake. Go take a real institutional course. Clay added one right before I left because people were catching on but it’s garbage and was made by someone who just started trading 4 months ago and had a bootleg ict course. Run far far away!

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  6. Martin

    here is my experience buying courses from ronin forex group. So I bought VIP academy with signal group. and it turns out that the source for the course is, which I regret buying the course. second, the signal is rubish, very bad risk management (Stop Loss 40 Pips) TP 1 = 20 Pips TP 2 = 40 Pips TP 3 = 100, you will be profitable if the win rate is above 60 percent with multiple take profits. The problem is the signal almost never hits TP 3, only 30% TP 1 10% TP2 & 3 and 60% SL. Now question yourself, would you like to let this person rob you? If you want quality and legit forex courses that are also free legit go to I am writing this because I want to help you not to fall in the same hole as me.

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  7. Larissa

    Fully satisfied with their services. They were professional with me at every moment and took every action thoughtfully. Thankful to them always.

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  8. Morgan

    Best company. I will definitely use them in future. Awesome experience i ever had. Thank you.

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  9. Andy

    Didn’t learn anything from his course. All that information is free on YouTube or baby pips.
    He doesn’t teach you his strategies just gives basic information.

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  10. Joseph Daniel

    Awesome company. They took care all of their customer.

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  11. Shane

    Excellent service, Mr. Clay was great. He is like a god! Wonderful experience.

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    • Admin

      God? how would you like to describe God In your own words?
      We would like to see your achievements from Mr. Clay.

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  12. kellyharris

    Extremely professional and courteous team! We really appreciate the no pressure attitude!

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  13. sean

    Mr. Clay is Awesome! He listened to what We wanted and he always answered our questions. We would recommend him to anyone!

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  14. Tiffany Kruia

    I can’t say enough about Clay. Absolutely you are the best. Thank you so much for everything.

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  15. sean

    It was great. They were upfront and honest. Thein didn’t try and sell me something that I didn’t need or couldn’t afford. Thanks

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  16. Anonymous

    Bought the VIP service from him, personally it was a waste of money.
    Nothing on the service, cant be found on babypips for example and that is a free site.

    The plus of its service, his the community. It can be good, if you are not a part of any good community, if you already are, i dont recommend it.

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  17. Charlie

    Was a VIP member 2 years ago. My account was blown in 2 months. Stay away from this lying cheating man-child.

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  18. Brs

    a 100% scammer, their signals are rubbish, and for their course it’s blah blah, Be careful don’t waste your money please.

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    Ronin forex group review
    Ronin forex group review


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