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Signals Signalspro.Net: Signal review

Signals Signalspro.Net


“Signals® www.Signalspro.Net” is providing forex signals and copy trading services. The lead trader behind this service is Mr. Salah. He claims to an astonishing 92% win rate and 6 years of trading experience in the financial market, previously he worked for an investment bank. So, as a financial advisor he advised clients from all over the world. He offers to copy from his trading account to the investors to succeed in the Forex market. 

These are some pretty elaborate and exorbitant claims. That’s why we took this review very seriously. Today in this review we will be giving you our full analysis so that all our readers understand the viability and potential of this service.

Signals pro website has registered on 24-05-2019, it’s only been a year, so don’t have any long time reputation. There is so much secrecy around this service, the developer team does not provide any information about their corporation or history or their signals. In order to trust a signal service, vendors need to be much more transparent in this area.

As we mentioned before, without any verification we will not receive any trading signals from someone who isn’t qualified to be sending them. Providing verified results is not a difficult task at all, and we won’t use any signal service without it.

Best Forex Signal

We highly recommend you to follow those services who has verified results and great reputation.

Signals Review: Signals Signalspro.Net

While reviewing this service we notice that, this signal provider more like to show off  rather than any verified results.  SignalsPro posts hundreds of thousands of dollars of profits every day in their Telegram channel. But their website looks very unprofessional and awful with a messy user interface that proves their incompetence. They are missing some of the most important aspects a potential signals provider should have.

Unverified Results: Signalspro doesn’t provide any verified results from the third party verified sources. They only post thousands of dollars of profits cropped screenshots. Without any verifications those cropped screenshots just not count.

Analysis: They don’t share any of their analysis to customers. Traders deserve to know about their strategis and analysis before sign up for premium packages. By the way, If they are so good that, they have a 92%  win rate then they should share their analysis before and after posting signals.

Anonymous: This signal provider is mostly anonymous natures the developers didn’t provide much information about their team members and where its located and their trading history and many other important aspects. As a forex signal provider they need to be 100% transparent to their customers.

Fake Reviews: They claim to have a 5-star rating in many review sites. but after reading all the reviews and our own research about this service we think these are fake reviews. Anyone can buy fake reviews online for a few bucks.

Copy Trading service: Copy trade: In order to copy their account traders need to connect their account to the signals provider’s main account, so it placed automatically on traders’ accounts including sl and tp. Traders only need to share profits if they copy from their account.

Since they are not giving any verified results or statements, so, we cannot believe everything they promise.

Signals Signalspro.Net:Premium Channel

Signals Signalspro.Net

Premium channel

Before paying for a VIP subscription, they give premium channel Access for 15 minutes. For 100% transparency. But the reality is, its not possible to track every order individually in this short period of time. Only looking at the paid channel for a couple of minutes is not enough to verify their results. because it will take days to track individual orders and verify their 1-month win rate.

Therefore we always prefer any third party verified results. So that any customer can check their movement instantly.

But you can use a trick here, after gaining access to any premium channel you can “Export their Channel history” as an HTML file. So after the trial period is over you can check their channel history from that HTML file. Pretty simple process.

You can ask for premium channel access for a couple of minutes and you can do the same. Most channel owners will give you access for a short time.

Signal Pricing

  • Type: Forex Signals & Copy Trading
  • Price: $70/month
  • Signal Frequency: 3-12/day
  • Target: 700 pips/month (Not Verified)
  • Accuracy: 80%+ winning rate (Not Verified)
SSignals Signalspro.Net


They offering 2 different services. To use their copy trading service customers need to share their profit.

And for VIP signal service they charge $70 for 1-month, 3 months $94, 6 months $132, the 1-year charge is $200, and they offer a lifetime subscription for $277. This vendor’s pricing is a little high than the average signals provider.

Each signal comes with three “take profit” and one “stop-loss” level.

Signals®Signalspro.Net: Copy Trading Pricing

Signals Signalspro.Net

They also provide copy trading service which cost $120 for one month and $220 for 3 months.

Copy Trading service – Working on SmartPhones 📲 (1 Month – $120✅, 3 Months – $220✅)

📈Directly copy all trades to your MT4
🔰Fixed lot size
🚀Multiple targets

As we mentioned before, Since they are not giving any verified results or statements, so, we cannot believe everything they promise.


This is definitely not the potential signal provider we are looking for. The negatives include a lack of transparency since the signal vendor cannot demonstrate that their signals can trade with the stated accuracy rate. If you like their services, we recommend you use their free signals a couple of weeks in a Demo account before going with premium plans.

  • And about their 92% win rate, we are sure those figures are not real. This figure is just for advertising purposes.
  • We also don’t like their anonymous nature.

We will check again this service after 3 months and we will update this review if they made any required improvements, which traders deserve to know.

Thanks for reading this “Signals®” review.

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Signals Signalspro.Net Signals Review
Signals Signalspro.Net Signals Review


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