Xtremetrader forex signals – Review

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Xtremetrader forex signals: Signals Review

Xtremetrader forex signals


Welcome to the Xtremetrader forex signals review. Xtremetrader forex signals are providing both free and paid Forex signals. This signal service running by an expert team of two traders Angela and Salah. They feel like they are the best forex signals provider out there.

Salah post educational forex analysis videos on Their YouTube channel.

And Angela responsible for providing signals, she does all the analysis before posting signals to the Telegram channel.

She provides 1 free signal in the public Telegram channel. She also shares client testimonials and weekly statements about the previous signals.

In this review, we will give a total overview of Xtremetrader forex signals and let you know if this service is meeting client expectations.

Ultimately we will help you to make a decision either you should buy this signal service or not.

Best Forex Signal

We highly recommend you to follow those services who has verified results and great reputation.

Xtremetrader forex signals Reviews:

This vendor doesn’t have any website, they generate customers from YouTube channel.

Having said that they are pretty famous on YouTube with more than  42k subscribers. They are posting videos about forex technical analysis, how-to videos, advising videos for 2 years now.

The shares every month statements in the public channel and mentions all the previous trades while giving any updates. We always prefer myfxbook records.

Each trades comes with “entry point, 1 stop loss and 3 take profit” level.

The only problem is, this vendor doesn’t provide us any verified results. As we said before, without any third-party verification we can’t trust everything they say.

Subscription plans for the Xtremetrader forex signals

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $50/month
  • Signal Frequency: 3-4/day

Xtremetrader forex signals

The free telegram channel is of course free to use. And the paid Telegram channel where up to 3-4 signals are dispatched in a day requires $50 per month if a trader wishes to test the service for one month. This considers an affordable price range for a premium Forex signal service.


The majority of the signal service providers are not 100% transparent, Xtremetrader’s win rate is good and pricing also affordable enough.

The only problem is, this vendor doesn’t provide us any verified results. As we said before, without any third-party verification we can’t trust everything they say.

However, any signals provider would have avoided this situation very easily if they provided their myfxbook profile for our verification.

If you would like to use this service, we recommend you to test their free signals from the Telegram channel first by using the Demo account. if you found them profitable for you then you can go for premium package and trade with real paper.

Thanks for reading the Xtremetrader review. Let’s see what the community has to say in the comment section.

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8 reviews for Xtremetrader forex signals – Review

2.3 out of 5
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  1. Sniper Trader

    Hello Guys,
    Read very carefully and understand why I have given 1 star, I wish I could give zero 🙁

    Never ever Join this manipulative, cheating telegram channel.

    1. They give 4 signals per day in the premium channel, every day there will be one or two signals which they Ask to close in LOSS. Rare occasion yes it can be understood, but almost everyday!

    2. Their signal contains 3 Take profit levels. So you will open 3 positions by dividing your risk. After TP1 is hit, you still have 2 more positions open, if the signal goes back in loss and you lose two positions, these two cheaters Salah and Angela will never show these in their results.

    3. They manipulate results, the results that they show in free telegram channel and YouTube channel or manipulated

    Never ever join this service, even if you join you will lose $55 nothing more, because you will never renew

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  2. SharkFx

    Their signals are terrible. While they show profits to the public, their clients are in very deep losses. There is not clear reason why they are sending buy or sell, just looks random. They display TP2 -TP3 as win, but there is not clear reason why not close at TP1. Their results are heavily manipulated. I bet they don’t enter any signal they are providing because they would lose all the money they earn from their clients. They also delete bad comments from their youtube videos.

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  3. mike

    I am a subscriber to their signal. I have tracked the signal performance using myfxbook and their performance is 55% win/ 45% loss. However, the losses are of small concern because clients are ordered to close them with a few lost pips as possible. The winning signals often hit target profit 1 (usually 20 -30 pips) but occasionally they can hit target 2, or less often target 3. But it is difficult to capture the 2nd and 3rd targets as you are usually stopped by the pullback after hitting target 1. Therefore, opting for target 1 and not becoming greedy appears to be safe for consistent trading. The downside to the signals is they are not transparent enough in the free telegram channel to show all signal outcomes (only pips gained are displayed). In the free telegram channel, they provide one signal a day and if that signal is a losing one, they do provide instruction to close it as early as possible. As of today, I am still a subscriber to the channel and I am using the signals in combination with my own judgment. I hope this will be informative to interested people.

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  4. faraj1978


    I will talk about my experience for the past three weeks. And even I still have 5 days in my Premium subscription…

    They send every day 4-5 signals, and those signals are as following:
    – SELL or BUY, with MAX LOSS of 45 PIPS.. and win rate as they said 60-70% I think.. TP1 20 PIPS, TP2 50PIPS, TP3 100 PIPS, less than the SL, most of the time don’t reach the TP1, and they ask you to close with the loss of -XX.
    – They have some people who send wrong information telling them they are winning, and they send a screenshot of their winning, all lie … I lost all my money following exactly their instructions.
    – Also they send different signals moving in a different direction, for example: SELL USDCAD, SELL EURUSD, which has no common sense, USD cannot move in two directions at the same time, they wait for the direction, and sometimes they even lose them both.
    – In the Youtube video, some people send that they win in gold 600$ and 500$, but they never send signals for GOLD. They lie every day.
    – In the Youtube videos, he talks about some setups, but in signals, he goes with different signals even on the same day.
    – I tried to recover with them, one day, I lost 80$. I asked for two weeks for free to recover. They said maybe if you subscribe again, we give you 2 days for free… I am already losing!!
    – Even if they give me 2 weeks for free, I will lose more money, this is what I discovered.
    – This week, I waited to see and evaluate. Today I entered with them 5 trades and lost another 20$.

    Full of scams, and a bunch of thieves, unfortunately, they are even Arab. I am also an Arabic guy, and I say to you guys, those people are a bunch of thieves.

    Salah and Angela will never show the real results in the Groups, they are cheaters, and I will do my best to show to people their real faces.

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  5. Madhankfx

    I would like to give them minus rating if possible. Terrible signals. My account was blown twice because of their signals. Beware of these cheaters. Safeguard your money. Do your own analysis and trade. You won’t lose much!

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  6. DAVID S.

    I want to be fair here, I was a client to their signals back in February 2021 and the signals were really bad, most of the signals were being closed in loss and i tried to use them on my small account but it has been blown in short time, later in October 2021 i’ve seen videos of salah showing the results and the feedback from the clients and i thought maybe to give their signals another chance, and i joined again, this time it was different, almost all of the signals got the TPs and very few signals closed in just few pips loss, there was a big change that salah and Angela has done, all you need to do is understand how to use their signals, don’t trade them all, you will need to pick one or two signals that your analysis agrees with and enter it.

    i don’t think it’s fair to call them scammers at all, they’re trying their best to satisfy their clients, and i feel that they’re very honest, i even saw salah many times apologizing in his videos when their signals fails, forex signals business is just like this but some people can’t just understand this unfortunately..

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  7. mnnaveedayub

    Hello Guys,
    I wish this website had negative 5 rating option, I must have given negative 5 to this service 🙁

    Never ever Join this manipulative, cheating telegram channel.

    1. They give 4-6 signals per day in the premium channel, most of their signals will go in loss, they only show positive pips weekly on their free telegram channel, they will never tell how many SLs hit which went in loss.

    2. Their signals have 3 TP levels. they will never tell you where to stop. After TP1 is hit which is less frequent, you still have 2 more positions open, if the signal goes back in loss and you hit SL, these two cheaters Salah and Angela will never show these in their results.

    3. They will never listen to your suggestions, i invested 1000usd with them along their promoted broker, when i started to go in loss i suggested their support even angela herself to stop posting risky signals, its not necessary to post on daily basis, first analyse the signal throughly then post it, but either they are amateur traders or they might have some other plans, their free channel signals are better but as soon as you subscribe to their premium channel you will start to lose.

    I subscribed for 3 months of their service, in less than a month i lost 1000usd, proven by my accountt history n left their fake premium channel with more than 2 months remaining.

    Never ever join this service, you will lose even 10000usd you invest.

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  8. tudorrrodut

    I’m following these guys since 2020 and what I can say is this: It’s true they got some bad periods, but in general the good periods are more permanent for long term. If you have bad luck to join into the bad period and stay only 2-3 days and then judge and leave is not best idea. Why? Because after the short bad periods end it’s coming very long good periods where you recover easy the losses and start making profits covering the subscriptions fees and even saving some money too.

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    Xtremetrader forex signals – Review
    Xtremetrader forex signals – Review


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