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🅰️ ASTRATEQ® Forex Research & Consultant : Signals Review

🅰️ ASTRATEQ®Welcome to 🅰️ ASTRATEQ® Forex Research & Consultant signals review. The channel was created on 28 August 2018 by Mr. Dav Riddle. And the premium channel was created on 27 August 2018.

ASTRATEQ is a forex signals channel running by Dav Riddle, He claims to have 5 years of experience in the financial market. Provides signals on his free and premium channels there is no team.

He doesn’t have any website and running his service at the Telegram channel. 

He posts 5-7 signals every day and keeps updated about the running position. His signals contain 1 entry point, 1 stop loss and 1 take profit point.

Give updates about the running positions and post before and after screenshots of the signals.

In this review, we will let you know whether it’s worth paying money to remain a subscriber of ASTRATEQ Signals.


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🅰️ ASTRATEQ – Signals Review

He should be 100% transparent with his customers and provide verified results of signal service. No need to share screenshots anymore.

He failed to show us any verified results, but he did offer a short trail of (a couple of minutes) his premium channel.
This is impossible to verify individual signals results within a couple of minutes. It will take days if you want to verify their results without any statement sharing sites like myfxbook or fxblue.


His Trading Instructions Review


Read this screenshot avoid from his VIP signal channel.

He is advising to trade fewer signals if anyone has a lower account balance, also advising that before placing the order please do some of your own analysis, if the customer has to do analysis than why did they pay you?

Then he should advise that people with less than $1000 balance should not use his service. In fact, no signal provider will prohibit their customer to purchase their service. This is a way for signal providers to make money.

to be a profitable trader, you must perform all signals. otherwise, you can miss the profitable signals and trade only loser signals. Therefore you can’t be the profitable end of the week or month.

they are providing 1TP and 1SL signals and they are advising to close with partial profit when a trade reaches 30 pips, so even you are using signals you have to be careful with your trades, watch the market.

The good thing about his signals service is, his signals contains bigger take-profit targets and lower stop-loss target.

Although his signal management strategy is sucks, his money management calculation is real. and he makes it simple to understand for his customers.


🅰️ ASTRATEQ® – Signals Pricing

There are 2 signal packages offered by Forex Elite Signals.

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $65/month
  • Signal Frequency: 5-8/day
  • Target: 3000 0pips/month Guranteed (Not Verified)
  • Accuracy: 90%+ winning rate (Not Verified)

His premium packages keep changing, currently, he charges $65 on a monthly basis and $300 for lifetime membership.

If you like his service please consider testing their free signals at your demo account at least for 1 month since he is not providing verified results.

But we feet that, they pricing should not be too much of consideration behind choosing a signal service, Because using low-quality signals can empty your entire account very easily.

There are good signals providers like Day Finance LTD, FX Price signalsPipster FX is providing great signal service with 100% verified results. Don’t forget to check out them.



Although there is a lack of transparency, still there Telegram channel is very active and seems profitable, you can give him a try. But don’t forget to use a demo account, because there is no way you can verify his previous results since no third party verification.

We should not trust everything a signal provider promises.

However, 🅰️ ASTRATEQ® Forex Research & Consultant Signals would have avoided this situation very easily if they provided their myfxbook profile for our verification.

Thanks for reading “🅰️ ASTRATEQ® Forex Research & Consultant” review. Let’s see what the community has to say in the comment section.


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  1. saranga sandaruwan

    100% Best Service

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  2. John Doe

    Stay away from this guy! Droped 2 accounts in 2 months! Got 10 SL in a row is normal. 500 pips loss, 100 gain. Calculate yourself.

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  3. KK NG

    hello, i join their services..
    the price is not accurate
    exp : buy eurusd 1.2000 but our price is 1.2002-1.2003 ( 2-3pips late )
    loss many…

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  4. ujitha sameera

    Beeeeest signals ever !!!!!!!
    my name is eynar atwell Tbh out of all signals i have used this is by far the best channel i wad shockedd that it was 50 dollars ever since i signed up i have been consistent !! I am from mexico as well so making 100 usd here weekly is like working to jobs so i was able to quit my job and keep my account with risk management ! Crazy man i am savingg up this whole month to get funding account

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  5. chamath

    Great signals and service

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  6. Mozambique

    They’re amazing
    I’m from Mozambique and I’ve been following AstrateqFx and it’s amazing and I testify AstrateqFx have wide experience, always winning in the market and also make people win. AstrateqFx is like they want to beat poverty.

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  7. Jaden dow

    Amazing service lots of money to make.
    For the most part the signals are winners.

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    🅰️ ASTRATEQ® – Signals Review
    🅰️ ASTRATEQ® – Signals Review


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