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4XLG EA Free Analysis Group: Signals Review

4XLG EA4XLG EA is a forex signal provider that claim to have an 87% win rate. They mainly provide three types of services.

These include Forex Training, Forex Signal Service and Forex Robot (EA robot) Service, they offers different packages for each service.

They are providing three types of services. And there are separate packages for all of them.

They did not provide any information about their team members on their sales page.

It is very important to introduce an expert team to establish trust among the customers. They share market analysis on their channel.

They share market analysis on their channel.

According to who.is that their website was registered on May 10, 2017, from Florida, USA. They have been providing these services for the last three years.

In this review, we will let you know whether it’s worth paying money to remain a subscriber of 4XLG Signals.


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4XLG EA Review

claiming to have an 87% win rate, but we can see from their statement none of their accounts has this high win rate. Their win rate 70%+, but their losses is bigger than profits. Take a look at the pictures below. (Captured From myfxbook profile).




This is just one of those 9 accounts. 

This vendor provides verified results, but the results are not quite good. You can check their myfxbook records here.

As you can see from their myfxbook statistics, they have a 74% win rate, but their average loss is 2.4X bigger than average win trades. That’s why even if you have more profitable trades you will not able to be a profitable trader using their service.

This question may come to your mind that, how they are in profit?

Because they are not using the same lot. They are using different lots.

Using very big lots with higher leverage. This is a risky process, so if you have a lower balance, you should not use their EA service, Because the only couple of trades is enough to blow your entire account.

Below is the link to his MyFxBook profile, there are 9 accounts added to his profile, and you can check all the statements of these accounts. Check Here.

We can see they are selling forex courses for $1000. We think they should learn Forex first, Before selling to others. Because they do not follow any money management rules.

If you look at the statements of those nine accounts, you will see that their average loss is 2X-4X times bigger than the profit. Therefore, even if the amount of your profitable trade is high, still you will not be able to make any profit.

However, keep in mind that the signal will not be profitable for you, if they have a high percentage of profitable trades, Because losses are bigger than profits.


4XLG EA – Signals Pricing

Now let’s pricing their titanium ea robot.
They are providing four trading services.
Titanium classic EA catbot ($ 116 / month)
Corona Markets EA (209.99 / month)
Titanium EA GoldBot (209.99 / month)
Titanium EA eurobot (209.99 / month)

They are providing many types of services around Forex. And their track record of trading is not so good. You can understand them only by looking at their statements. You can view their statements by clicking on the link below. Click here.

If you like his service please consider testing their free signals at your demo account at least for 1 month.


There are good signals providers like Day Finance LTD, FX Price signalsPipster FX is providing great signal service with 100% verified results. Don’t forget to check out them.



If you want to trade with them, you should have a big balance in your account. It will be difficult to benefit from trading with them. Because they don’t always use the same lot size. And you have to trade all the signals they give, because if you miss a profitable signal, it will be difficult to make a profit at the end of the month.


Thanks for reading “4XLG” Forex Research & Consultant” re view. Let’s see what the community has to say in the comment section.


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4XLG EA – Signals Review
4XLG EA – Signals Review
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