Darius and Stibo FX – Signals Review

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Darius and Stibo FX: Signals Review

Darius and Stibo FX


Darius and Stibo FX is a Forex signal provider that provides swing trading signals with entry point, 1-2 take profit targets, and 1 stop loss point. Posting a cropped screenshot of profit.

They have a YouTube channel, where he publishes videos of technical analysis, with various tips and tricks, and shares his market overviews, on different trading pairs. Tips and tricks that are very important for new traders, they can watch the videos from his YouTube channel, hopefully, you can learn about market movements.

However, he is more active in Trading view profiles than YouTube channel, almost every day hi publish around 3-4 technical analysis, and discuss details about his market view in the video. with most of the analyzes he add a short video, where he explains the reasons behind the technical analysis, and with various trading tips.

We will review all aspects of their service to see if the claims they have made are true. Whether there is enough evidence behind the claims.

The Telegram public channel was created 15th August 2019, and currently has over 2K+ members.

In this review, we will let you know whether it’s worth paying money to be a of Darius and Stibo FX.

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Darius and Stibo FX- Signals Review*

Tradingview Profile

Darius and Stibo FX

We can see his tradingview profile has a good reputation, one year ago he was joined Tradingview , Until now he has shared more than 630+ technical analyzes, and his analyzes are informative, Built a trading community and the community has answered any questions from anyone.

We think that every signal provider should share their market view with the subscribers so that their subscribers can understand the reason behind each trade so that they can understand what they are doing.

Copy FX (copy trading service)

They are providing copy trading services, which means all the trade will be aromatically copy to of their investors accounts, For this you have to pay a 40% commission on the profit.

But we can see from the details of the trading performance of their copy FX account that their trading performance is very, very poor.

They converted an account of just one thousand dollars into an account of 4 thousand dollars in July alone. That means their account has quadrupled in one month, because they trade using a much larger lot size than their account, although they talk about money management, risk in their YouTube videos and trading videos, but we’ll see. I find that they actually fail to accept these themselves. As a result, even though they quadrupled their accounts in one month, their accounts were at a 97 percent drawdown in the next month.

97% drawdown mean they almost blow their account.

So, they are trading too risky here. Be aware of that.

There is no similarities between words and deeds.

Here you can check their copy FX account statements. Click here

No Free Signals

Although they are publishing technical analysis on their public channel, in which they are discussing support resistance and other things, they are not giving any proper signal. They do not issue any free signals, i.e. entry points, take profits, and stop losses, without specifying specific values. You must be their premium subscriber to get their trading signals.

Since they are not giving any free signals, you will not be able to test their signals easily, but you can check their analysis before and after market movement in their training view profile, but it will be very time consuming and difficult.

That’s why we always prefer using a third party monitoring service, so that subscribers can easily check their account’s track records.

They do not publish any verified results but they do have cropped screenshots of their profits. Which is not enough to verify the result of their trading. Moreover they have a discussion group with more than 500 members.

Darius and Stibo FX – SIGNAL PRICING

  • Type: Swing Trading Signals
  • Price: $117/3 months
  • Results: (Not Verified)
Darius and Stibo FX

Signals Pricing

ffNow let’s talk about their signal pricing, they are not offering any monthly package option, but are providing service for 3 months, 6 months, one year and life time. They charge 99 euros for three months, 199 euros for six months and 299 euros for one year and 1000 euros for life time.

Pricing is little average compared to other signals provider. But you can have a good signal provider with 100% verified results.

There are good signals providers like Day Finance LTD, FX Price signalsPipster FX is providing great signal service with 100% verified results🏆. Don’t forget to check out them🏆


You can improve your trading skills by looking at its market analysis if you want, a signal provider will always want to benefit from its subscribers, so don’t look at everything, don’t believe everything the signal provider says. Check everything yourself first and then decide on trading. If you want, you can improve your trading skills by looking at its market analysis, a signal provider will always want to benefit from its subscribers, so without looking at everything, trust everything the signal provider says. Don’t. First check everything yourself then decide to trade.

We advise you in almost every review, at least one month to test the signals of any signal provider you like.

One copy of this signal provider must be careful before using the service, and must use stop loss to use their signal service. Follow the Money Management Rules at all times.

Although this vendor doesn’t provide any verified results, they update weekly and monthly trading results. It’s true that most signals providers doesn’t provide any results verification, so you have to test them out on your own.

Since there profit ration is good, we prefer you test their free signals in your demo account for at least a month, before purchasing their service, if you see that they are not lying, ends if you are happy with your trading result. Then you think take next steps.

However, Darius and Stibo FX Signals would have avoided this situation very easily, if they provided their myfxbook profile for our verification.

Thanks for reading the “Darius and Stibo FXPips Master” review. Let’s see what the community has to say in the comment section.

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  1. Yidas Smith

    I am a client of Darius and Stibo FX. I am very happy with their new VIP Channel. They call it Inner Circle. They are doing about 10R every week. I like that they are showing the result in R.

    Also on Copy FX I noticed that they are 70% in profit. I am planning to also join there

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  2. Emma fx

    scam guys,
    he already got blocked on tradingview, don’t trust them for any reason

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  3. John M

    Very nice analysis on YouTube and Trading View. It really changed my trading. Recently I joined his Inner Circle. Very nice results so far.

    I do not understand what Emma Fx is talking about. He is still on Trading View.

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    • Details analysis with Video
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    • Poor performance of copy trading, almost blow the account
    Darius and Stibo FX – Signals Review
    Darius and Stibo FX – Signals Review


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