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elliottneo-signals-reviewWelcome to the ElliottNeo Signals review. It has not been long since this service provider has launched their service, they are providing signal service at Telegram channel, they do have a  website, but it’s not ready yet.

According to who.is the website was registered on 27 February 2020, so it’s been only a couple of months now, and their telegram channel is created on 3 October 2019.

They believe that traders can learn forex trading by utilizing their free Signals.
ElliottNeo is providing free and paid Forex trading signals.
They are providing 1TP & 1 SL signal.
Keeping up to date about running positions.
However, in this review, we will let you know whether it’s worth paying money to remain a subscriber of ElliottNeo.
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We highly recommend you to follow those services who has verified results and great reputation.

ElliottNeo Signals review

There is no information about the signal provider, traders providing signals to clients of ElliottNeo have never been introduced anywhere on the Telegram channel, where its located. So we don’t know what are their trading experiences.

We believe that introducing with market analysts and traders would have gone a notch higher in creating an environment of trust between them and their clients.

They are providing 2 free signals every day, so traders can try their free signals first.

ElliottNeo publishing Forex signals with 1TP & 1 SL signals. ( 1 take profit and 1 stop loss )

As they are proving 1 take profit and 1 stop loss signals, so there is no scope to hide losses.

And helping traders by keeping up do date about rinning positions. If any trade needs to close earlier.

Most of the signals are short-term, and low amount of long-term signals so traders looking for long term trading opportunities will feel a little disappointed.

At this point, we would need to look at ElliottNeo pricing, what we’re getting, and whether or not this signal provider can show us their trading results.


elliottneo-signals-review results:

ElliottNeo doesn’t provide any verified results.

Instead of verified results, they publish profit screenshots to convince traders that their service really pays.

But only providing screenshots is not going to prove that they are verified signal providers.

It becomes quite difficult for us to verify the alleged trading results.

This is very easy for a signal provider to provide results verification.

That is why we always insist that signal vendors must use a statement sharing service like myfxbook.com or fxblue.com.

There’s nothing that prevents ElliottNeo from creating a profile and publishing their results on the platform.

It makes our work easier when it comes to analyzing the figures they are showcasing to persuade traders and the trends of their trading account.


ElliottNeo Signal pricing and details

There are 3 signal packages offered by ElliottNeo. They’re offering both intraday and end of day signals, most of the signals are intraday.



ElliottNeo offers 3 different premium packages. They charge $49 for 1 month VIP subscription and $119 for 3 months and $199 for the Lifetime subscription.

$49 a month is average pricing compare to most other signals providers. But without results verification this pricing is still high.

There are better signals providers like FX Price signalsPipster FX charging less to their customers.



ElliottNeo Signals can be at least considerate because they’re providing free Forex signals for testing.

Just sharing unverified results history and screenshot are not gonna prove them a verified signals provider.

However, ElliottNeo Signals would have avoided this situation very easily if they provided their myfxbook profile for our verification.

If you like their signals service we will recommend you use their free signals at your demo account first, as this signals provider doesn’t provide any verified results.

Thanks for reading ElliottNeo review. Let’s see what the community has to say in the comment section.

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ElliottNeo Signals Review | Trusted forex review
ElliottNeo Signals Review | Trusted forex review
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